Below are some answers to questions we have received. Have a question that we missed? Contact us and we will answer your questions.

How does the training plan work?
Each client is provided access to an online training platform which features a calendar listing your workouts. As you complete your workouts, your coaches will provide feedback as well as modify training as necessary.

Do you meet with me in person?
Although Coach Jeremy and Coach Becky would love to, one-on-one in-person coaching for each of our clients is not feasible at this time.

Will there be any personal interaction with the coaches?
In addition to the training feedback provided, you can always email your coach as well as communicate with other RIT athletes via our private social media forum.

Is there a trial period?
A solid relationship between coach and athlete is essential to tackle big goals. We offer a 2 week trial period to ensure our program will work for you and vice versa.

Do you coach kids?
We plan on having clinics and camps geared towards our younger runners. Customized coaching of kids will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a minimum amount of months I need to sign up for coaching?
No. Our plans are a month-to-month basis. No contracts.

Can you help me with my running form?
We’d love to! If possible, we can set an appointment to watch you run in person and provide feedback.

Can you guarantee me a Boston Qualifying time in my next marathon?
No guarantees on actual race performances are made. Our goal is to help you get ready and healthy for your race. After we help prepare you, it’s your race to run!

Can you suggest a pair of running shoes for me?
Unfortunately, there is not one good shoe which works well for everyone. We encourage you to go visit our friends at Runners’ Retreat, Two Rivers Treads or your local running store. 

I don’t have enough time to run every day. Can you design a training plan that works with my hectic schedule?
Yes! The RIT coaches will work with you to determine a feasible and flexible plan aimed towards helping you reach your goals.

I do not live in Virginia. Can I still work with Runner In Training?
Yes! We use an online training platform which will list your daily workouts as well as provide exercise videos and other helpful information. All workouts will be conducted on your own when they are convenient for you. We are also available online to answer any questions you may have. 

Who do you train?
We train anyone! Whether you are beginner, experienced, a teenager or older adult, we’d love to work with you!