Foot Speed Workout – 10x20

This high intensity workout will help work off some of those holiday cookies and candy you crammed in your mouth when you thought no one was looking. Speaking of which, did you know potato candy is not really all that good for you? You know, that white rolled up candy with peanut butter in the middle? Potatoes and peanut butter. Seems somewhat healthy. My grandmother used to make it all the time and it was my favorite. This year, my wife decided to try making some for us. I kept hearing “it needs more confectioner’s sugar”. I am pretty sure she added at least 3 pounds in, but boy do they taste good. Back to the workout… which will also increase your foot speed for winter races.

The Workout

2 mile warm up.
10 x 20 seconds hard, 1 min easy.
2 mile cool down.

Start with and easy 2 mile warm up after you have done your dynamic stretches and drills. Then run HARD for 20 seconds followed by 1 minute of jogging or walking. Do a total of 10 sets of these. Push yourself. The high intensity will help build your anaerobic system as well as burn a lot of calories. Finish with a 2 mile cool down run and some static stretching.

Now, don’t run straight to the house and grab a handful of cookies and candy because “you earned it”. Go grab something healthy, like a big slice of pumpkin pie or carrot cake. Veggies are healthy.

What? Those aren’t good for you either? Shoot!

Oh well, it’s not worth getting stressed out over some holiday indulgences. Eat well. Run hard. Be happy!