Tiny bubbles in my beer, makes me happy and full of cheer.… wait, no, wrong chant!

I don’t know but I’ve been told, we look good in black and gold. Every day we run long, but running drills make me strong.

Sound off…

Time for a few running drills by our very own Drill Sergeant, Coach Becky!

Why should I do form drills?
Form drills help reinforce running mechanics and improve form and running economy.

When should I do form drills?
We suggest performing drills after your dynamic warm-up and before the bulk of your workout.

“Neon Deion”
Benefit: activates glutes, improves coordination, and also helps stimulate neuromuscular timing for quick-cadence running, while also reinforcing a midfoot footstrike.
How: Standing upright with straight legs, toes pointed upward, start moving forward with a quick cadence. Avoid leaning backward.

Benefit: increases hip range of motion and improves knee lift.
How: Face forward, move laterally in one direction by crossing one leg over the other in front and then behind.

High Knees
Benefit: reinforces midfoot landing, high cadence, accentuates knee lift, glute and hamstring flexibility.
How: When performing this drill, you will travel forward by slightly leaning forward, pumping the arms and driving the knees high with toes flexed upward in front of the body. Take short steps with a quick cadence, alternate thrusting knees upward until your thigh breaks a plane parallel to the ground. Focus on soft, flat footstrikes.

Benefit: engages the hamstrings and accentuates the recovery portion of running gait and improves leg turnover cadence.
How: Pull your heels up directly beneath you, keeping the knee, heel and toe up throughout the drill. Use the same arm motion during this drill as you use while running.

Benefit: Running backwards helps strengthen the glutes and hamstrings, as well as various core muscles in the abs and lower back.
How: Do your best to replicate the typical forward running motion while moving backward.Make sure to hold a normal running form and keep your head up and back straight, looking straight ahead the entire time.

Now drop and give me 20 …

… pushups …

… or beers. Your choice!