The crazy seems to start with attempting a simple 5K. Then, runners start seeking out new challenges whether going longer, running all night relays or wait, how about we throw in some tough obstacles along the way? Obstacle courses have become popular among many runners over the past few years. Half marathon not tough enough – let’s add crawling through the mud, jumping over fire and carrying logs into the mix. Why not?!
Whether you are an obstacle racer or not, these strength exercises will help power you through whatever path is before you:
Push Ups – Tried and true, the basic push-up is a great exercise for upper body strength and there are several variations which can challenge your muscles to work a little differently:
Pull-Ups/Lat Pull-downs – ahhhh, pull-ups my nemesis, but either exercise will help you gain upper body strength.
Renegade Rows – a multi-purpose exercise to increase strength in your upper body and will also make you actively engage your core throughout the range of motion.
Lunges w/Overhead Press – another great exercise incorporating several muscle groups – abs/glutes/thighs and shoulders.
Duck Walks – some obstacles may require you to proceed in a crouched or squatting position which may cause quad-burn. Do these exercises to help increase your leg strength!
Inchworms – try this dynamic exercise to increase strength and muscular endurance throughout the entire body with an emphasis on shoulders and core.
Want to make it more difficult (of course you do!)? To simulate more of an obstacle course environment, add in running or cardio between exercises.
Have any mud run photos of yourself? Post them below!