Need to burn off some stress and fit in a great workout? Shake up your workout with a little kickboxing + strength Tabata. Kickboxing can help improve coordination and reflexes as well as work your core, hips and legs. Pair these killer moves with strength exercises in a Tabata fashion (20 seconds on/10 seconds off x 4 rounds) and you have a fun 45 minute cardiovascular and strength workout.

Cue your favorite heart-pumping playlist and get ready to work!

Each pair is performed AAAA/BBBB – 20 seconds on/10 seconds off before moving on to the next.

A. 2 Knees + 2 High Kicks
B. Plie Squat

A. Squat + Kick
B. Reverse Lunge into Knee (Stay on same side each set)

A. 2 Hooks + 2 Upper Cuts + 2 Jumping Jacks
B. Upright Rows

A. 2 Knees + Jab + Cross
B. Cross Bicep Curls


A. 4 Forward Punches + 2 Cross
B Overhead Triceps Extension

A. Front Kick + Side Kick + Jab + Cross + Hook
B. Chest Flys in Glute Bridge

A. Front Kick + Rear Kick
B. Windshield Wipers

A. Jab + 2 Cross + Upper Cut + Switch
B. V-Sit Hold

Need help with the moves?

Check out this video.